Philly Protests

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Sat Aug 12 16:17:57 PDT 2000

Hi... I just got back from Philly....Protesters are still in JAIL

What the news isn't reporting about GOP protesters.

Last week during the RNC massive protests took place in Center City Philadelphia; hundreds were arrested. Reports of physical torture have come into the legal center in Philadelphia: -prisoners being hogtied and dragged to and from their cells -guards bending finders and toes almost to the breaking point -a woman seen dragged, naked and bleeding -a man handcuffed crucifixion style to his cell door as guards smashed his hands with metal handcuffs -prisoners with psychiatric and medical conditions denied their medications -prisoners denied food, water, and bathroom use -huge bails of up to 1 million dollars for misdemeanors

Non-violent protesters are being abused in jail. The media focus may have moved on to LA, but some PROTESTERS REMAIN IN JAIL IN PHILADELPHIA.

We need your support to end these atrocities.

Contact these City Officials and let them know that you refuse to accept these abuses and penalties:

DA Lynn Abraham: 215-686-8701

Mayor John Street: 215-686-2181

City Solicitor Ken Trujillo: 215-575-7260

From a letter produced by the jailed men at Philadelphia's CFCF:

"...Our actions in the streets of Philadelphia were intended to shine a light on the incarceration of 2 million people in the U.S., on the systematic use of police brutality to terrorize whole communities, on the racism and cruelty of the death penalty, on the many political prisoners, including Mumia Abu-Jamal, who are caged for their commitment to social justice. Our actions were aimed at disrupting the Republican convention...while we're sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused the people of Philadelphia, we are proud of what we did...

From the moment of our arrest we have experienced and witnessed the workings of a system designed to dehumanize people....Throughout this process we have sought to resist and standing solidarity with each other to the best of our abilities. In the course of all this we have discovered strengths we never knew we had and have built a wall of solidarity based on profound love and respect for each other...While our access to information is restricted, we are aware of the efforts of those on the outside to assist us. We love you all.

...We are being held on outrageous charges, in may cases with no foundation whatsoever in our actual actions. Our bail figures are far out of proportion even for the crimes we are falsely accused of. We are here because of our political commitment and because we dared to defy the corporate powers that be as they were attempting to give a veneer of popular support to the rule of the few..."

If you wish to contribute to the bail fund, Checks can be made out to ISMCH and sent to Philadelphia Direct Action Group, PO BOX 40683, Philadelphia, PA 19107-0683.

Spread the word!!

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