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Sun Aug 13 21:06:57 PDT 2000

I actually e-mailed this ISP (Illuminati Online) a few weeks ago about their name! Got a, "We confess we are a [not a, they are THE CONSPIRACY, to beat all conspiracies, I think] conspiracy, " response. My ISP is a conspiracy...against all that is good, noble and true, but I really doubt they would ever admit such, even under torture.

I'm sure Chip Berlet can tell you in his sleep about the Illuminati, but since he's been gone for a bit- hopefully promoting his new book- here are some URL's ( there are zillions!) on Adam Weishaupt, the original Illuminoid. Something to do with the Freemasons. (My Grandfather was a Mason, doubt he was a 33rd degree Mason , like Colin Powell though. Course the Blood Oath they take would have prevented him from telling me!) The Birchers have always made a huge deal about these wicked Illuminati. Illuminati+PRA&hl=en&client=googlet (And btw, today a John Bircher in response to a piece I posted from a disillusioned Birch Society official from the 60's, Alan Stang,

claimed that from '91 when he joined till now they increased their membership from 10,000 from 100,000. I replied that such membership padding (one can sign some stupid anti-tax, anti-UN petition and the HQ will add you to their rolls) was also found in the CPUSA or the Christian Coalition. (Only numbers I trust are those yearly statements that magazines publish on circulation.)

Michael Pugliese

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