Fwd: ILWU D2K statement

radman resist at best.com
Mon Aug 14 00:06:13 PDT 2000

>A message from the International Longshore & Warehouse Union to D2KLA
>August 1, 2000
>D2K Labor Organizing Committee
> The stand you are taking in the demonstrations at the Democratic
>National Convention in Los Angeles in August 2000 mirrors the
>platform that the ILWU endorses of what the American working class
>needs today. Through action of our International Convention and our
>International Executive Board we have long been on the record opposing
>NAFTA, the WTO, the corporate free trade agenda, privatization and
>sweatshops and supporting universal health care, a living wage, the
>right to organize and public education.
> We are proud of our union's participation in the Seattle WTO
>actions, not just being visible and vocal in the streets, but shutting
>down all West Coast ports Nov. 30, 1999 to make the statement that
>trade does not and will not work without the consent of the workers.
>And we are pleased to help bring the spirit of Seattle and the
>coalition formed there to Los Angeles to let the Democratic Party and
>the nation know we will not let the interests of working people to be
> Know that the ILWU stands with you and that I will personally urge
>all our members who can to attend the demonstrations in the streets of
>Los Angeles.
>In solidarity,
>Brian McWilliams

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