Ford's speech will skirt topic of 1st KKK leader

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Mon Aug 14 09:12:31 PDT 2000

Son of longtime liberal Congressman, Harold Ford, Sr. and a DLC'er says he was, "Off message." (Just was reminded of a song by UK Industrial band from the 80's, Test Department, "One Voice, One Will!) Ed Sebesta a/k/a Crawfish who has worked tirelessly against the Neo-Confederates, tried to get Harold Ford, Jr. to stiifen his backbone on this, to no avail it seems.

Did the defeat of Sen. Albert Gore, Sr. in '70, over Vietnam and Civil Rights, so demoralize young Al, that he treads lightly over challenging the symbols of the "Old South."??? And, if they are gonna stress moral issues, isn't this a moral issue? Not like anyone offended, if they had decided to bring it up, was a likely Gore voter from the get go.

And on, one of my other obsessions, last night listening to Genesis Communications Network on Winamp, Joe Bob Bigot were muttering that Buchanan was a Race Traitor for naming John Birch Society member, Ezola Foster, as VP. PJB at the press conference announcing her claimed not to know much about JBS!

Michael Pugliese

**Ford's speech will skirt topic of 1st KKK leader** (Tennessee) Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest will not be mentioned when U.S. Rep. Harold Ford Jr. talks about Al Gore in Tuesday's keynote address at the Democratic National Convention. The Memphis congressman, during an interview with Tennessee reporters at the Republican National Convention at Philadelphia, said he would call on Gore to denounce Forrest, who was an early leader of the original Ku Klux Klan after his service as a cavalry commander in the Civil War. He later quit the group and denounced the violence of the KKK. Ford retreated from the topic in subsequent interviews last week, saying he was "off message" when the subject came up after he criticized Bush for failure to oppose the flying of the Confederate flag over South Carolina's Capitol. Some Republicans contend Gore was hypocritical in criticizing the flag in South Carolina when there is a bust of Forrest prominently displayed inside Tennessee's state Capitol. Ford said in Philadelphia that he would promptly contact Gore and get a "denouncement." "I have no intention of doing so," said Ford when asked last week if he had followed through. "There's no need to.... His (Gore's) record speaks for itself."

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