The Evil of Two Lessers?

Rob Schaap rws at
Mon Aug 14 08:53:12 PDT 2000

>>Maybe the mainstreamers have a lesson
>>for the radicals here - that energizing your core cadre isn't enough,
>>and that you need to reach out for converts. Works for them; might
>>work for us.
>Er, and how is the such-as-it-is left that can't itself coalesce supposed to
>conduct this vigorous outreach?

Well, they could talk to people and find out what's getting up their noses. And fashion a platform that reflects those concerns in the language of The Declaration of Independence or The Communist Manifesto. If they say they're really worried about there not being enough Smith & Wessons in their stroke mags, or that the phallus is too hard to appropriate, or that you just can't get a pair of rolled socks to stay put, well, I'd give up, buy some Raytheon stock and insert myself somewhere in the Democrat career structure. Might as well be comfy while the human world deservedly goes to hell ...

Biliously yours, Rob.

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