Fwd: Nike protesters living on Nike wages in Indonesia

radman resist at best.com
Mon Aug 14 15:34:44 PDT 2000

>Jim Keady, an assistant soccer coach for St. John's University, was fired for
>refusing to wear Nike athletic equipment. He is now in Indonesia with Leslie
>Kretzu spending two months in Indonesia living on the wages of a Nike shoe
>factory worker--approximately $1.25 per day. Their daily reports of hunger,
>inability to purchase the simplest necessities give the lie to the myth that
>"these are good jobs for those people."
>Read about Jim and Leslie's daily life at www.nikewages.org, the website of
>the Olympic Living Wage Project, sponsored by Press for Change in cooperation
>with the Nicaragua Solidarity Committee, NikeWatch, and Call to Action, USA.
>"Not all rich men are thieves; some are the grandsons of thieves."---St.

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