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[Today's Stratfor briefing follows -- ends on an unusual, answer-is-blowing-in-the-wind note: "Already, these [anti-globalization] currents are building like eddies in the backwaters of a great river, in places as disparate as Jakarta and Vienna. And in Los Angeles, too. Whether you agree or disagree with the demonstrators in Los Angeles is irrelevant. Listen carefully to them."]

The Next President The Unspoken Issue: The Impact of Globalization ---------------

I figured they would get around to this issue. Thanks for posting it.

It will take awhile to completely criminalize all the resistance to the so-called new economy. Those sweeping new intellectual property rights sure come in handy for the security apparatus, don't they. Re-defining resistance and protest as terrorism and sedition is an obvious route at least as a rational for ignoring the bill of rights and for otherwise illegal surveillance, covert interdiction and collusion between the FBI, CIA, NSA and various US corporate interests. For general propaganda purposes, the obvious route is some tweaking of xenophobia with smears in the general direction of racism, anti-multiculturalism and against the ideals of global democracy or some such.

Now if we could just figure out how to make all speech and protest against capitalism the legal equivalent of pornography, that would do it.

NO, I've got it. I was just listening to Hilary, and got the hint. Talk against capitalism, is the legal equivalent to advocating violence. That's it. It is violence to advocate attacks on the goodliness, cleanliness and godliness of capital. This sets up a nice spectrum of criminalization so that mere talk is like media violence, and any direct protest or action is equivalent to terrorism.

Maybe somebody else can do better. It's always a good idea to put yourself in your enemy's shoes and figure them out in advance.

But the bright note is the post (Lisa & Ian Murray, anti-WTO backlash at UN) on the UN beginning to react to the US-Euro manipulation of global economic policy for the benefit of their own elites:

``GENEVA - A United Nations-appointed study team calls the World Trade Organization a `nightmare' for developing countries and suggested the body should be brought under UN scrutiny....''

The UN obviously recognizes a competing system of governance that completely by-passes and probably conflicts with various UN programs and provisions on human rights and development. If you can cite the UN, that will put the anti-multiculturalism line down.

I hope the rock concert outside Staples is getting underway. It's around seven on the west coast and the heat should be lifting off the LA basin around now.

Chuck Grimes

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