Laying Bets: W Will Win

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Tue Aug 15 10:43:41 PDT 2000

Seth Ackerman wrote:

>Yet Goldman Sachs analysts have apparently ripped W's tax plan --
>it'll drive up interest rates, they say. And Gretchen Morgenson's column
>last Sunday said Wall Street isn't too hot on Bush.

I was on a panel a few months ago with Ron Blackwell of the AFL-CIO. Blackwell recounted a chat he had with two Fortune 500 CEOs - he wouldn't say who - in which he asked them to explain their hostility to Clinton. He reminded them of the great bull market, their massive increase in profits, NAFTA, etc. etc. Their response: yeah, but he raised our taxes. So, policywise they may think Bush's tax plan sucks, but he'll cut their taxes a lot more than Gore. And the personal is political.


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