Laying Bets: W Will Win

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Tue Aug 15 12:17:52 PDT 2000

i remember *right turn,* but is the picture entirely the same as when it was written, back in--what, '86? seems to me that the parties have become even more indistinguishable since then. the repub's must think so, anyway, given what they're trying to do with the so-called "75 percent club" this time. (and see russ feingold's op-ed piece if you're not familiar with the 75 percent club: < lug=fein11)

anyway, it was yr snotty tone in rebuking carroll's point that got my dander up. he was right (if typically smug), in my view--there is no good and considerable harm in letting oneself be drawn into the fiction that it makes some palpable difference to the vast majority of americans, or the vast majority of lefties, which of these clowns heads up barnum & bailey's.

it does to you, doug, because you're a journalist specializing in economics, and the internecine tussles of capital are journalistic bread & butter to you (and to me as well sometimes, when i'm doing journalism). but i would submit that most of these day-to-day machinations don't mean a damn to the long-term saga of capital or the ground-level efforts of people opposed to or oppressed by it. so why piss about somebody's indifference to the outcome of bush v. gore? if it weren't for the presence of nader & buchanan and what their like portends for the destabilization of dems & repub's, i'd be absolutely as indifferent as carroll.

so now then, *tell me why i shouldn't be.*

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Steve Perry wrote:

>doug: and where do they differ appreciably
>in their proposed programs of capital

Ferguson & Rogers covered this territory in Right Turn: the Reps have historically favored low-wage, more nationally oriented, and smaller biz, while the Dems have been the party of internationalizing, higher-wage, higher-tech biz. Thus the greater Rep emphasis on dereg and tax cutting.

There's also the matter of personality and mass psychology. I know it'd be hard to prove, but I think Clinton's optimistic, indulgent temperament had more than a little to do with the Wall Street mania. The image of him yakking on the phone with a lobbyist, eating pizza, and getting blown by Monica, all almost simultaneously, seems like a distilled image of America in the 90s. Bush pere was a perfect guy to preside over the Katzenjammer from the 80s. Bush fils or Gore would be good guys for the Katzenjammer of the early 00s.


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