Fw: (en) lapd effectively shut down the la independent media center but http://www.indymedia.org/ is still avilable

Joe R. Golowka joegolowka at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 15 10:33:49 PDT 2000

Joe R. Golowka JoeG at ieee.org

"Candidates say "vote for me, and I will do so-and-so for you." Few believe them, but more important, a different process is unthinkable: that in their unions, political clubs, and other popular organizations people should formulate their own plans and projects and put forth candidates to represent them. Even more unthinkable is that the general public should have a voice in decisions about investment, production, the character of work, and other basic aspects of life. The minimal conditions for functioning democracy have been removed far beyond thought, a remarkable victory of the doctrinal system." -- Noam Chomsky ----- Original Message ----- From: "jeff" <jeff at tao.ca> To: <a-infos at tao.ca>; <aut-op-sy at lists.village.virginia.edu>; <nefac at tao.ca> Sent: Tuesday, August 15, 2000 6:02 AM Subject: (en) lapd effectively shut down the la independent media center but http://www.indymedia.org/ is still avilable

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> source: http://www.indymedia.org
> please forward. esp to those you know who are not necessarily politically
> active, so that they might know that what they're seeing one tv is not the
> truth.
> please keep an eye on http://www.indymedia.org to see when/if
> http://la.indymedia.org is back on line.
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> by Stefan Wray 1:16am Tue Aug 15 '00
> swray at io.com
> In a war, one of the first things that an aggressor or an occupying force
> attempts to do is to take out the communication systems of its targeted
> perceived enemy.
> At the start the Gulf War in 1991, the allied forces first knocked out
> Iraq's communication systems before they started to bomb Baghdad. Los
> Angeles Independent Media Center from broadcasting by blocking access to
> satellite truck, using the pretext of a bomb threat.
> The LAPD effectively blocked one of the communication systems of its
> perceived enemy.
> They used a tactic of war - an attack on "the enemy's" communication
> infrastructure.
> The LAPD's actions can be seen as a declaration of war.
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> no communication
> by chris 1:26am Tue Aug 15 '00
> ccain9 at juno.com
> It is 10:30 pm aug. 14th I can not get the la indy media site on line. I
> just at the seattle indy media center and there are lots of people there.
> the news of the protests is not getting out. they have cut us off. come to
> westlake park down town seattle this wednesday at 6pm and protest the
> corporate/gov/media war on information. they have taken the revolution to
> the next level.
> viva la revolutcion
> solidarity
> chris
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> LA Indymedia still silenced 200AM EST.
> by Eco Boots 1:50am Tue Aug 15 '00
> Dan E-mail
> Iv'e tried every concievable way to access indymedia LA via internet all
> this evening to no avail. This proves once again the capitalist/facist
> trying to silence dissent. So much for the U.S. Constitution. The LAPD
> should be charged with violations of civil rights.
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