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Tue Aug 15 14:27:28 PDT 2000

yo -

it sucked - I was going back to get in a little coding, and there's a freaking bomb panic.

I thought everything was peachy, because I left the RATM show at the fifth song or so, and thought there would be no ruckus. It was a really positive vibe there. There were even big showers set up to cool us down. I thought - cool - no panic, no web traffic, and the static stuff will be polished off tonight.

Then I get back to patriotic hall. Bomb scare. I felt like we were being played with, because it had been going on for hours. It basically preempted my work on making the site "static", and contributed to the server crash.

Then the concert problems....

It was a false alarm, but really sucked a solid three or four hours from IMC. Many person-hours of labor were lost, and the timing was thrown off on a number of things. (this doesn't include the problems with the satellite feed being stopped, etc.)

Hey - if any programmers want to help out, we have a contingent of folks from the bay area in house hacking all day. It's a lot of fun. We also need netadmin/wiring people pretty badly. If you like pressure, it's awesome.

We don't know how many have registered, but it's a lot.


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