Laying Bets: W Will Win

Dennis Breslin dbreslin at
Tue Aug 15 19:33:54 PDT 2000

Uh, it did what it was supposed to do. He said the needful and hit all the high notes. What are you using as a benchmark?

I loathe this guy. He's elevated a frat-boy smirk to the status of political icon. But in terms of process as opposed to substance, he's accomplished a lot.

Indeed, I was intrigued. Maybe its because I haven't been watching or listening to W much, but he did a neat trick by laying on the compassion and diversity rhetoric that seemed remarkably well aimed at the independents in their suburban homes. It was pure Clinton. Without the pauses.

I figured the only ones who wouldn't be terribly impressed by the speech would have preferred more the sky is falling and we're the last bastion of decency in God's good America. The diversity and inclusion stuff got polite applause while his support of banning partial birth abortions brought down the house. I suspect the exact opposite occurred at home.

Dennis Breslin

Doug Henwood wrote:
> Intrepid Reporter of Sleaze of Substance wrote:
> >Bush gave a fine speech, regardless of its ratings among the ruling
> >class.
> Huh? I thought Alex C had it right when he said Bush looked like a
> squinting tailor's dummy. That was one of the dullest, most
> contentless speeches I've ever heard. What was so fine about it?
> Doug

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