Union Leaders and the Left (RE: Laying Bets: W Will Win

Dennis Breslin dbreslin at ctol.net
Tue Aug 15 19:54:37 PDT 2000

Nathan Newman wrote:
> I just have never understood how leftists can speak so often in the name
> of the working class while ignoring and belittling the opinions of leaders
> elected by those same people?

Nathan, I generally like your take on things, but you got a fatal flaw. You go two-thirds the way delving into the complexity and ambiguity of things, and, then stop dead in your tracks and do sloganeering in support of the party line. Hoffa Jr. is, no doubt, a political force to be reckoned with, and so needs paying attention to. But I have little more than a clue who he represents. Somehow leader of the proletariat and Hoffa don't make it in the same sentence. Hoffa is a voice of working people about the same way Clinton is a poster boy for safe sex. There's just too much going down here...

Dennis Breslin

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