Laying Bets: W Will Win

Carl Remick carlremick at
Wed Aug 16 04:48:49 PDT 2000

>So Gore's got
>October to make a difference. The only chance he's got is the Octoberness
>of Octobers - bed-wetting month for stockholders. If something happens,
>the electorate will stick to the devil it knows rather than blame it, I
>submit. And if something does happen, Dubya is gonna have to answer
>questions about current affairs and urgent strategies, which should be
>worth another few points to the Gore camp.
>Bush is so ridiculously unimpressive a performer on those rare occasions
>when substance enters the conversation that I simply cannot bring myself to
>believe he's gonna get there....
>Rob (Gore 4/6; Bush 5/4)

But if there isn't a market crisis or some other October Surprise, Bush will remain relatively more attractive to the voters, IMHO. Gore is hopelessly didactic, which is pure poison to Americans. Bush, of course, is anything but a smarty-pants; he radiates intellectual mediocrity, and US voters tend to find that quite engaging.

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