Union Leaders and the Left (RE: Laying Bets: W Will Win

Dennis Breslin dbreslin at ctol.net
Wed Aug 16 05:32:05 PDT 2000

Rob Schaap wrote:
> Er, I'm no Clinton fan, Dennis, but I won't have the poor man accused of
> unsafe sex! Presidential goo is safer on a frock than in a body, and to
> deploy a cigar in the Clintonian manner constitutes and promotes not only
> safe sex (I'm assuming it remained unlit), but an awareness of the health
> risks associated with more prosaic cigar-related practices.

He didn't inhale, she didn't swallow. Symbolic bookends for a decade. Now that I come to think about it, I really don't know Clinton's proclivities regarding penile attire or preferred points of splashdown. Someone has a link to Gennifer Flowers website around here. She would know. Perhaps I was indeed in error. His legacy may well be as a champion of safe sex.

> There's a political-cultural
> backlash going on out there in the lifeworld, freed by its
> non-institutional form (else, mayhap, it might never have been born) but
> limited by it (having been born, it needs to grow, which it can't do unless
> it gets some systemic nourishment). It's up to the unions now, I reckon,
> and unionists are entirely up to the task of getting their unions to do
> what they want. After all, if not there, than where? Ever?

Rob, I don't have much use for lifeworlds, but its part of the theoretician's arsenal; so be it. Then again, your sentiment here is perfectly agreeable. But then again there's the usual rejoinder. There is indeed a backlash - perhaps a backwash - and it flows and floods in often predictable & undesirable directions. In part because of union leaders. But this is beyond the point. This thread burped on the reference to Jimmy Hoffa Jr. Hoffa _in_ the Teamsters is some lifeworld.

Dennis Breslin

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