Con-vention Update

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Wed Aug 16 08:49:48 PDT 2000

The Dems are laying down a pretty large marker in the Convention, if anyone is noticing, namely to provide health insurance for all. They've all been hammering away at this. As far as I can tell, it's something new -- the promise. Obviously the deed is something else altogether. How they expect to accomplish this, I haven't the foggiest idea. The more practical, minimalist program -- getting all children into health insurance coverage -- is quite feasible by contrast and not a bad 'sufficient condition' for voting Gore. Of course, I remember shit that Clinton promised that went bye-bye fast. This one seems harder to squirm out of.

I'm watching more of this than I expected to cuz my wife wants to see it. The speeches have not been great, other than Clinton's (w/resp to delivery, not content or messenger). Bradley's was better written than delivered. Hillary was awful. Jesse reminded me of Dylan in his unenunciated dotage. It's like these people have one note in which to speak, plus a volume adjuster. An exception was Sen. Bayh, who looked and sounded like a game show host (cf. Sting).

Coverage of the demos have been practically nil, as usual. ACLU is quoted as calling police behavior an "orchestrated police riot." This continues the pattern of illegal preemptive police action lawlessness in Seattle, Philly, and D.C. over the past year.

On the other hand, last night reinforces my long- held prejudice against using famous rock bands to draw crowds to demos. You get stupid kids who leave as ignorant as they came, plus the potential for indisciplined provocations.

I can't say who did exactly what, but the consensus is of a few assholes who may or may not have been anarchists. If they were the latter, they should be condemned for -- once again -- allowing the police a provocation to attack other people instead of themselves.


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