Laying Bets: W Will Win

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Wed Aug 16 13:08:22 PDT 2000

>>> dhenwood at 08/16/00 03:40PM >>>

Well I wouldn't believe a poll the Tobacco Institute commissioned on smoking, or one Aetna commissioned on healthcare. I'm talking about the polls that come out of the big pollsters - Gallup, Harris, etc. These guys make some of their $ by doing market research for commercial interests, but their political polls are either internally funded or done for news organizations. I seriously doubt that Time/CNN is telling Gallup to spin their polls for W.


CB: I don't trust news organizations. They are the most sophisticated liars in U.S. society. They lie for Money in general, as a class. So, if somehow the moneyclass consensus or "majority" wants W, the news organizations will follow the classline substantially, significantly.

Don't know about the particular spin for W you mention, but it is certainly possible that that poll has some spinning in it. I am not sanguine about Time/CNN ; nor even Gallup. And importantly remember that good liars don't lie most of the time, only strategically.

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