Labor poll

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Wed Aug 16 13:43:16 PDT 2000


RASMUSSEN RESEARCH: 42% of Americans have a favorable opinion of labor unions, and 36% view them unfavorably. Overall, only 38% of Americans feel companies treat workers fairly, with 35% saying companies do not treat workers fairly. A Portrait of America telephone survey also shows that 33% of the country thinks non-union companies treat workers fairly, 39% disagree.

37%, believe trade unions hurt overall productivity in the country, while 31% believe unions improve productivity. A 35% plurality of Americans believes having a union workplace improves quality, but 20% of the country says having unions lowers the quality of products.

43% of Americans view the NEA favorably, 30% unfavorably. The AFL-CIO is viewed favorably by 27%, unfavorably by 29%, the Teamsters 29% favorable, 35% unfavorable.

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