The "law" of wealth concentration

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Wed Aug 16 13:47:56 PDT 2000

>>> sawicky at 08/16/00 03:34PM >>>
Now I see why socialism doesn't work: It violates the laws of physics -- or so claims an article in New Scientist this week.

Here's the article's abstract: "Every country in the world has a few rich people and then a long tail of poorer and poorer people. In fact, not only does a filthy-rich minority always hog most of the wealth, but the mathematical form of the distribution is the same everywhere. . . .

Somebody documented this a hundred years ago. Forget who. My memory says Italian . . .


CB: Couldn't be that capitalism has objective laws of development that can be rendered with " the exactness of a natural science", could it ?

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