Union Leaders and the Left (RE: Laying Bets: W Will Win

Peter K. peterk at enteract.com
Wed Aug 16 20:48:15 PDT 2000

>The problem I have with voting for Nader this year is the only message it
>delivers is the cost of losing the endorsement of the NATION editorial
>board. Some folks on this list may prefer to strengthen the hand of
>unelected progressive columnists, but I prefer to strengthen the power of
>working class leadership, however imperfect that leadership may be on
>-- Nathan Newman

As I was saying (i accidently sent that last message), I don't think the Nation is as anti-Democratic party as you insist. They ran a piece by Robert L. Borosage that argued against voting for Nader. And I think Pollitt wrote one too.

It's interesting that both Cockburn and Vidal are predicting imminent economic collapse. In his August 21/28 Beat the Devil column, Cockburn writes "The likelihood is that either Gore/Lieberman or Bush/Cheney will preside over an abrupt delfation of the stock-market bubble."

In the interview that Tom Lehman provided a link for http://www.salon.com/politics/feature/2000/08/15/vidal/index1.html

Gore Vidal said: "...The fact is that I've spent my life studying American history and politics. I know how the country's run. There will be an opportunity to get rid of this system. And the opportunity will come from the total collapse of the economy, which I think is on the horizon. The Dow-Jones, the Nasdaq, will collapse and the people will be very angry. At that moment you can make big changes.

So "wait and see" would be my advice to a young person. And in the meantime keep your powder dry, and link up with others of a like mind. Don't look to any political party and don't look to any charismatic leader. If you had one who was any good, the New York Times would make sure that he would never be heard from again. They would smear him in some fashion so he would vanish. So I would advise them to wait, watch and learn, and the moment will come."

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