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Holocaust Revisionist perceived equivalence (nuts, I know!) of David Irving's work and Finkelstein's.

Michael Pugliese Two Men: One Conclusion: Norman Finkelstein:

David Irving:

"He argues that the pursuit of reparations from Swiss banks and German industrialists for survivors of the death camps is 'an outright extortion racket'." (The Evening Standard, 11 July 2000)

"Irving's claim that Jews inflated the number of Holocaust victims in order to extort money from Germany ..." (The Atlantic Monthly, Boston - USA - February, 2000)

"Those who are not Jewish becoming sick and tired of hearing of the Holocaust ... The holocaust industry has become a grotesque joke. These people are grave rob-bers." (BBC - Tuesday, 18 July, 2000, 19:04 GMT 20:04 UK)

"The world is fed up with all the 'Holocaust propaganda' the Jews are constantly spreading. People are losing their patience and are liable to resort to acts of violence against Jews. If the Jews don't stop, they can expect a genuine Holocaust." (Ha'aretz, Israeli newspaper, London, Feb. 4, 2000)

"... some Jewish leaders are exploiting the Holocaust and peddling deliberate lies about Nazi atrocities ... The majority of people who claim to have survived the concentration camps are fakes." (The Evening Standard, 11 July 2000)

"Mr. Irving said he was actually 'mocking the [holocaust] liars' who, he said, had told lies about what had happened to them." (THE TIMES, London, March 3, 2000)

Norman Finkelstein: "David Irving is ... a good historian!" (The Sunday Telegraph, London, 16 July 2000

Mr. Finkelstein is a respected Jewish academic who is free to write and say what would bring anyone else before courts of justice. Whilst Mr. Finkelstein's reputation and income grow with his statements, Mr. Irving has been branded by the High Court of London as an "anti-Semite" and a "holocaust denier" for the same conclusions, followed by a punishment of £ 2.5 million. Mr. Finkelstein has no problem in publishing his holocaust findings whilst Mr. Irving is banned throughout the publishing world. The German Government has requested the extradition of Mr. Irving on charges of alleged racial incitement in regard with the above statements. However, the very same Germany holds Mr. Finkelstein in high esteem for the same utterances the Jewish scholar made.

It is quite clear to the majority of people that this double standard is due to the fact that Mr. Finkelstein is a Jew and Mr. Irving is a Gentile. There can be no better example of pure, evil racism.

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