filing taxes

kelley kwalker2 at
Thu Aug 17 15:02:07 PDT 2000

maxhunk writes:

>For 1996, latest year of published data:
>All returns 120,351,208
>1040 66,264,999
> Itemized Ded 35,414,589
>1040A 24,579,173
>1040EZ 21,196,154
>1040PC 8,310,882
>Note you can file the long form w/o itemizing.
>Note also these are returns. Any
>could reflect more than one person in a filing unit.
>With a little digging one could estimate the % of
>the pop reflected in returns that itemized.

see now this was an advantage to growing up blonde. when i asked last week i got "yeah that sounds right". but look what happened here. i publicly ask the question and you went out and scrounged up the info. heh. maxhunkhoney you are such a MAN! i put you to shame in front of all the other buoyz and i gotcha working for ME. :) as it should be, of course.

thanks. seriously.

but more seriously still: i did check out the i.r.s site (i'd go look it up properly in a lib or something but i broke my knee). anyway, i looked and got something like the above. however, no where in there did i find specific disaggregation of data in terms of those who filed itemized deductions.

but maybe i'm just too much of a lazybutt and didn't have the patience to poke around enough

in any event, thanks again.


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