The "law" of wealth concentration

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Thu Aug 17 15:41:42 PDT 2000

Matt Cramer wrote:

>My argument was from a position of protecting liberty (although
>the idea of limiting who can vote as a means to protecting liberty will
>probably go over like a lead balloon here), not creating a fiscally
>responsible .gov.
>> so anyway, isn't there a load of middle class "welfare" such as subsidized
>> student loans and home loans and that sort of thing that ought to render
>> anyone who takes advantage of such ineligible for the vote on this logic?
>Yes. In fact I mentioned borrowers and recipients of subsidies
>specifically. If you read my whole post, and follow-ups, you might notice
>that I am not out to disenfranchise the underclass. I wanted to
>disenfranchise middle and upperclass yuppiedom as well as the AARP.

What a load of crap. Did you sign on just to harass us? Sovereign individualism is just to tediously juvenile.


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