holy shit

kelley kwalker2 at gte.net
Thu Aug 17 16:25:00 PDT 2000

At 06:50 PM 8/17/00 -0400, Doug Henwood wrote:
>Carrol Cox wrote:
>>Regardless of whether it's good or bad politically, I'd love to see a U.S.
>>president -- any U.S. president -- in handcuffs.
>Wow, were Bill & Monica playing with handcuffs? Footnote 207 in the Starr
>report did suggest some unusual practices, but this is news to me!

heh. carrol, instead of my nickname for you, "the two carrols", i have decided to honor this post, this post that has had me laughing for a longass time. i shall now, forever and always, call you leatherbuoy. i call chaz, chaz because he deserves to be called such a white buoy name and this new nick for you is perfectamundo in precisely the same way.

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