The "law" of wealth concentration

Matt Cramer cramer at
Thu Aug 17 20:54:31 PDT 2000

On Thu, 17 Aug 2000, kelley wrote:

> now now now doug! matt was on the list that i forwarded your query about
> software to. i was teasing him. i imagine that matt signed on out of
> curiosity re the software thread!

Yep. kelley is the resident leftist (or liberal, I keep forgetting ;-)) on a hacking list, where discussion tends to revolve around the art of flaming, civil liberties, proper firearm use, sex, literature, and lentil soup recipes. Plus an occasional technical computer security discussion.

So I came to lbo-talk to represent the libertarian, gun-totin', sheeple hating, evil hacker that the White House likes to call "cyberterrorist". I was lurking a day or so, but couldn't resist delurking to tease snit and clarify exactly WHY I am a putz. But alas I must return to lurk mode for a couple of weeks, since I consider that proper netiquette for a list such as this. Plus I'm way too chicken to get into arguments with anyone until I've read enough to know how you do things here - I DID NOT come here to annoy anyone, and arguing without the acceptable lurking is likely to do just that. So to those who did comment - please give me some time. I won't go anywhere, and will don the asbestos suit in a bit.


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