Libertarian fifth columnists

Daniel Davies d_squared_2002 at
Fri Aug 18 02:15:33 PDT 2000

kelley said:

>>god. doug daddy, please have mercy on my soul. i'm
not a fifth columnist! no matter what this looks like. i swear! i beg you to believe me. i will get down and kiss das kapital to prove to you that honest! i did not drag, encourage, force or entice in any way shape or form this heathen libertarian to this list to make us insane. <<


Someone who believes that "people in receipt of welfare benefits shouldn't be allowed to vote" certainly isn't a libertarian, though they might be a member of the Libertarian Party, I suppose -- I can never figure out what that bunch believes. The position that a democratic state should exist with limmited franchise is recognisably nineteenth century Tory; the idea that the franchise should be restricted to only people receiving no benefits from the government is pretty warped -- I'd guess on this basis that the franchise would be restricted to single men and women with no dependents, earning jobs paying enough to take them out of EITC but not quite enough to take them into the middle-class sport of tax avoidance. Which perhaps suggests that it's not so surprising that this argument came to you via the Internet after all.


(who was being boring and irrelevant on this list before it became fashionable!)

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