Nader's pale green

John Halle john.halle at
Fri Aug 18 08:23:59 PDT 2000

> The Green Party movement in the U.S. will be dead within five years.
> Nader will do well in this election, enough to get the Green Party
> matching election funds. This means millions of dollars to play with,
> which means every political kook in America will smell the fresh green.
> When the 2004 Green Party convention rolls around, every nutter from the
> Reform Party will be there, as well as thousands of activists from
> Leftist paries. The resulting convention chaos will probably garner
> larger ratings than Survivor 45.

There is no question this is a likely outcome, however it is no more preordained than any other fact of political life. The strategic issue for serious activists is how to make sure that the kooks and nutters don't win out over those capable of rational discourse. As anarchist organizer (insofar as this is not an oxymoron) I would imagine you are in a good position to offer suggestions on how to prevent this. Whether you are not interested in thinking seriously about this will indicate whether you are more interested in promoting your ideological agenda than in achieving real albeit limited gains.

> One only needs to look at the history of the Green Party in Germany. I
> remember doing a paper about them in college, back in 1985. Back then
> they had already split up into two camps. The logical outcome of the
> watered down radical message came last year when the Green Party
> endorsed German involvement in the War against Yugoslavia.

Of course, this is a different issue: i.e. how to prevent the party from having its fundamental objectives compromised by "responsible leadership" i.e. the usual suspects within the liberal intelligentia who also have no interest in offering a fundamental challenge to objective institutionalized power. Perhaps Nathan has suggestions along these lines.


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