The "law" of wealth concentration

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Fri Aug 18 09:11:04 PDT 2000

At 11:55 AM 8/18/00 -0400, Charles Brown wrote:

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>So I came to lbo-talk to represent the libertarian, gun-totin', sheeple
>hating, evil hacker that the White House likes to call "cyberterrorist".
>CB: What's "sheeple hating" ?

heh heh heh heh. love it. everyone should spend some time in a community, online, wherever, and pay attention to how those communities are characterized by their own, unique language with members, of course, presuming that the words they use of understandable to someone outside the community. really, it makes you think really hard about how we, here, do it ourselves. sheeple=people. also known as (l)users. 'fuser geeks, chaz, get slightly annoyed at how the ordinary non hacker just doesn't have a glue about that box on their desk and are perfectly happy to bang away at the keyboard having no idea how it works or what can be done with it beyond what you think it's for. this colors their outlook on the world, making them somewhat arrogant :). of course, we here have our own arrogance which often annoys me when i get on a rage about perceiving some of the discussions here as portraying people as 'cultural dopes' or 'dupes of a system' or as one thread title put it, "those dumb workers'.


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