WB on Prague

Patrick Bond pbond at wn.apc.org
Fri Aug 18 11:56:22 PDT 2000

> From: Chuck0 <chuck at tao.ca>
> > Alas, says the story, too many disparate themes do not a coherent protest
> > make. And that incoherence may well be the one factor that prevents this
> > outpouring of grievances from ever becoming a true mass movement.
> Damn, I really hope the ruling class guys who are the target for this
> missive really buy into this conclusion.
> If so, this will make it easier to sneak up on them again.

You're right there. The SA finance minister's press secretary, a former lefty, responded to a request for info about the A16 meeting a couple of weeks ahead of time by saying something to the effect, "But Seattle was a protest about trade, they don't have any basis to protest the WB." This is interesting because the SA finance minister is chair of the WB/IMF board of governors this year.

By the way, the cult film Two Trevors Go To Washington (recut for yanks) will be on tour in October, just after Prague; let me know if you think your town could play host to the filmmaker and to Soweto activist Trevor Ngwane, SA's answer to Subcom Marcos...

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