W speaks

Lisa & Ian Murray seamus at accessone.com
Sat Aug 19 12:22:26 PDT 2000

DH wrote: What has happened, though, is that the risk of job loss has recently affected demographic groups that were relatively insulated in earlier times - white men, white-collar workers, and service industry workers came to face the same instability that has long been known to pink- and blue-collar workers. Not to disparage their anxiety, but I think that's why the matters gotten a lot more popular attention than it used to. Perversely, all the attention magnifies the apparent instability, leading workers to overestimate their risk as a group. === Lets not forget those shrinking news room budgets that affects reporters perspectives. They see it happening to them and they start looking for the same phenomenon like drunks looking for their car keys under the street lights. Ah Narcissus...


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