Valley Girl Sez: Libertarianism Sux!

kelley kwalker2 at
Sat Aug 19 16:26:04 PDT 2000

At 12:55 AM 8/20/00 +0200, Peter van Heusden wrote:
>Hey Kelley
>This sounds like a really cool book, and is a good review. Are you going
>to post this to Slashdot? :)

/. !? peter!

heh sheesh! look, i'm already doing duty for the left by duking it out on dc-stuff with the likes of matt cramer and others. reese just got my mata hari of the left routine. i give it ALL to the left, believe you me. hell, i even posted an earlier review AT dc-stuff! /. is a kiddie pool with rubber shark toys compared to the big bad dc-stiffs who r00l the h4x0r underground.

now, will someone explain to matt what the difference is between a lefty and a liberal and then maybe explain all the distinctions *within* the left. riiiiiiiiight!


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