CFR Plans for Near-Term Financial Meltdown.

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Sat Aug 19 20:59:14 PDT 2000

on 8/19/00 8:12 PM, Michael Pugliese at debsian at wrote:

> CFR Plans for Near-Term Financial
> Meltdown
> July 25, 2000 (EIRNS)--In the July 28, 2000 issue of the weekly Executive
> Intelligence Review, economics writer Richard Freeman exposes the New York
> Council on Foreign Relations' "simulation" of a July 2000 global financial
> meltdown.

And here it is coming up on September. The damned CFR can't do anything right anymore. Anybody want a job? Serious inquiries only, via Tristero to:

The Ad Hoc Committee to Restore the Status Quo Lodge of the Eternal Star Dominion 19

We've got a November deadline.

-- The Cowboys

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