Icecap at North Pole Has Turned to Water

Reese reeza at
Sun Aug 20 16:29:01 PDT 2000

At 10:55 AM 19/08/00 -0400, kenneth.mackendrick at wrote:

>On Sat, 19 Aug 2000 00:21:24 -1000 Reese <reeza at> wrote:


>> Maybe there's an unintended consequence of HAARP?

>> (don't ask, do a websearch)




> - Diagnostic instruments that will be used to observe the physical

> processes that occur in the excited region.




>It's just too easy.

Yes, HAARP is easy to find (hence the "look it up" comment), but what does HAARP have to do (if anything) with liquid water at the north pole, where water is supposed to be solid?

Dig deeper, you'll find allegations and charges by some, that HAARP is really about controlling the weather. Microwaves from the HAARP antennas beamed to the upper atmosthere, to cause changes in the jet stream and other air currents, hence my question piggy-backed on the announcement of melted ice up north, vice proper ice in that frigid environ.



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