Icecap at North Pole Has Turned to Water

Chris Burford cburford at
Mon Aug 21 15:38:42 PDT 2000

At 14:41 20/08/00 +0000, you wrote:
>>BTW, does anyone know what effect it would
>>have on world ocean levels if the ice covering arctic land masses melted?
>[Funny I should ask. Here's what the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
>has to say on the subject.]

Sounds pretty serious, and carefully judged.

The ozone hole was a dramatic story that affected political and economic judgements world wide.

This story of open sea water at the North Pole looks decisive. It can be easily pictured mentally. It will grab the imagination of decision makers. As a result it will become impossible for them to think of capitalism in a purely laissez faire manner without a framework for environmental responsibility.

In turn this has implications for would-be revolutionary socialists. The enemy will be dealing in reforms and environmental responsibility, if not social responsibility.

There is no point in supposedly revolutionary strategy that refuses to tackle capitalism on the terrain of reforms.

Chris Burford


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