Hannah Arendt thread

Chuck Grimes cgrimes at tsoft.com
Tue Aug 22 00:04:59 PDT 2000

Frankfurt school thinkers also talked about the totalitarian character of capitalism. This was not an unproblematic argument, but deserves to be mentioned within the context of this thread.

Manjur Karim --------

Yes, I was struck by Arendt's idea that the totalitarian mind was dominated by logically deducing its actions from a fundamental totality like Nature or History, or the Market. This really had an Adorno ring to it and I thought about their connections. Their big boggy was the Enlightenment itself as the grand scale historical example that provided the conceptual means to the sort of total domination of human society that is associated with what Arendt called totalitarianism.

But let's hear the problematic part.

Chuck Grimes

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