Red Oskar is back

Jim heartfield jim at
Tue Aug 22 03:21:17 PDT 2000

'Who gives a [expletive deleted] about the Italians', was one of the more memorable passages in Richard Nixon's Watergate tapes.

Americans - you have to love their straightforwardness.

Incidentally, I was in Blackwell's in Charing Cross and Lafontaine's book ('out next month') was on sale.

In message <p04320416b5c751973b20@[]>, Doug Henwood <dhenwood at> writes
>Lisa & Ian Murray quoted:
>>Oskar Lafontaine, the former German finance minister dubbed "the most
>>dangerous man in Europe" by The Sun newspaper
>And dubbed "that asshole" by our esteemed Treasury Secretary, Lawrence Summers.

-- James Heartfield

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