Verizon: union win

kelley kwalker2 at
Tue Aug 22 13:13:19 PDT 2000

At 03:51 PM 8/22/00 -0400, Max Sawicky wrote:

>. . . Since you are
>reformist, who thinks that these meaningless jobs will be with us
>forever, . . .
>In Utopia, who will make soccer balls and
>crew socks for the anarchist soccer league?

why hell max, don't you know? they'll make them themselves! they'll hunt for animals to make the leather. then they'll tan the leather (fun, i've done that before). then they ply it in order to make it pliable enough to sew. they'll make stuffing from the black turtlenecks they've outgrown. and socks! hell, anarchist knitting circles. yeeehah. and chuck, FOAD, if you think i'm not an anarchist or whathaveyou. my criticisms don't mean i'm against you. although you seem to like to keep it that way.

chuck your attitudes toward work are the very same attitudes toward work that mean that work considered "women's work" is considered unimportant and meaningless. that is, without a more nuanced analysis you are buying into what is, often, not just plain ole capitalist oppression but a part of the system of capitalist gender oppression.


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