Verizon: union win

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Tue Aug 22 13:13:38 PDT 2000

Carl Remick wrote:

>Too much of the discussion on this list strikes me as the just the
>mirror image of the tiresome corporate yadda-yadda I hear at the
>office all day long. Farting around with economic statistics is
>ultimately not the grounds for radical action. Contemplating the
>absurd nature of most work today and pondering how to change that
>does point toward meaningful change.
>BTW, one figure I do find intriguing is the "Paul and Percival
>Goodman ... [estimate] that just five percent of the work ... being
>done ... would satisfy our minimal needs for food, clothing, and
>shelter." By my reckoning that estimate is now 35 years old. Are
>there any more recent estimates along these lines?

To figure that out, you'd have to "fart around with economic statistics."


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