Verizon: union win

kelley kwalker2 at
Tue Aug 22 13:21:04 PDT 2000

At 04:09 PM 8/22/00 -0400, Doug Henwood wrote:
>Nathan Newman wrote:
>>There is no doubt that a lot of the energy of Seattle/DC/Philly/LA will
>>spill back into those day-to-day struggles, but part of the pragmatism of
>>UPS, Boeing, the LA Janitors, and Verizon struggles also have to spill
>>over into the globalization mass action movements if they are to become a
>>real mass struggle for change.
>They could, if both sides repress the urge to piss on each other.

see, this is why paula might just be right. if y'all didn't have the anatomy that makes it easy to piss on each other then you wouldn't be so inclined to do so.


kelley, figuring everyone will just piss on themselves instead.

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