Verizon: union win

christian11 at christian11 at
Tue Aug 22 13:26:24 PDT 2000

Wow! A specialist in theorizing about wage slavery. You make a living by being an "expert" about work. I can understand why you feel you have a vested interest in defending the existence of work.


Uh, yeah. One of the things that I've never bought is the whole work equals wage slavery equals alienation equal oppression business. In whatever utopia follows the dismal world we're in, I hope there's work to be done. I want to work. More than that, I want cable TV, I want a computer to download my mpegs (subversive consumption!), I want decent clothes. I hope someone will want to make those things, or think of a way to make them without making others miserable.

The whole 5% business is a crock. Like someone is going to make a really plausible distinction between need and desire, and then they are going to make it for you, and enforce it. To the degree that I can imagine utopia, it isn't a world where I wear sackcloth and ashes because I don't really need jeans and a nice pair of shoes.

I don't know anything about anarchism, really, so I don't know how this discussion got to this point. Maybe someone could enlighten . . .


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