Towards a Politics of Truth

Chuck Grimes cgrimes at
Tue Aug 22 18:17:05 PDT 2000

I am definitely not interested in following the secondary, institutionalizing, authoritarian machinations ... of Lacan...

Ah, come on. Some of us Lacanians have been anarchists every since reading George Woodcock! How about something between radical and deliberative democracy? (politics as hegemony or as recognition)

ken -----------


That was Paul you elided in the ellipses, not Lacan. Lacan was the one that went with the bizarre inversive labyrinth. Damn. A theology PhD who forgets Paul in the attention deficit of a few dots.

Shit. I am going to hike up to Moe's and buy Lessig, after Michael Perelman's overly effusive recommendation.

I don't want to hear about politics as deliberation, hegemony or recognition. That is pure recidivism. A fall into logic, power and identity. Politics as practice, as recitation, as resuscitation, as in screaming bloody life back into polity.

Jesus H. Christ, as my dear drunk Irish mother used to say,

Chuck Grimes

(I think I am starting to sound like Kelley.)

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