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Peter K. peterk at enteract.com
Tue Aug 22 20:10:00 PDT 2000

>On Tue, 22 Aug 2000, Peter K. wrote:
>> I just skimmed last Saturday's (8.19) New York Times and thought it was
>> that Robert Brenner and Giovanni Arrighi were mentioned in one article in
>> the Arts and Ideas section, and "Frederic[sic] Jameson" was quoted in
>> another.
>Really? What was the Jameson quote? Something about cognitive mapping or
>depthless rushes of images? Our censors-of-record must be slipping.
>-- Dennis

Unfortunately, he's not quoted about the two things you mentioned. The context is a book review of Susan Buck-Morss's _Dreamworld and Catastrophe_ which compares the two combatants of the Cold War. The following line sums up the reviewer's thoughts: "She acknowledges that 'the body count was incomparably higher' than in similar events in the West, but even this is an understatement that tries to preserve a symmetry where there is none." The Jameson quote went like so: "The critic Frederic[sic] Jameson, who joined Ms. Buck-Morss in a Soviet conference in 1990, even pointed out that the cold war roles now seem reversed, with Western Marxists criticizing 'capitalist commodity culture,' while the Soviet philosophers used the vocabulary of 'cold-war anti-Communism.'"

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