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Wed Aug 23 13:43:08 PDT 2000

I agree, just look at the growth in newspaper liftouts that refer to our sporting brilliance. Consider the liftout from the 'Weekend Australian' just past: 2000 Winners, Secrets of the Gold Medallists, PART FOUR: Australia: Champions of the Pool. So much for modest Aussies.



> hi rob and all
> i certainly agree that _the games_ is a brilliant take on 'the games', but
> it's weird too because it hardly feels like an expose -- just as i think
> it's a brilliant parody it turns out to be inadequate to the relentless
> stupidity of games' promotion
> i wish i believed australians were in general turning their much-hyped
> cynicism on all things olympic
> but
> i see way more thorpe-worship and freeman-patronage than criticism of the
> olympics
> the olympic athlete as superhero-next-door is really getting me down
> catherine

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