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Tue Aug 22 21:11:12 PDT 2000

on 8/22/00 7:59 PM, Matt Cramer at cramer at wrote:

> I first heard the term used to describe certain groups of
> politically right ultra-conservative bible beating Christian
> fundamentalists.

I first heard the term used by an old-time net Nazi to describe the benighted masses who couldn't see the presence of ZOG all around them. A present day example of this usage: "These people are sheeple or servants of the Jew System" (from <>).

Most recently saw it (outside the present context) in a diatribe on another list against ILLEGAL aliens (caps in original) to describe those who don't see the danger.

I'm pretty sure that I've seen credit given to H.L. Menken for coining the term, but haven't been able to track down anything authoritative.

-- bill

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