ACTION: VW Busting Union w/Mexican Gov Help!

Nathan Newman nathan.newman at
Wed Aug 23 12:25:44 PDT 2000

CALL VW and denounce their union-busting Beetle management!

VW U.S. Customer Care Center (8:00am - 10:00pm Mon - Fri EST)


or 1.800.374.8389

Also email vwclub at

---------------------------------- Wednesday August 23 9:40 AM ET VW Strike Declared 'Without Legal Grounds'

PUEBLA, Mexico (Reuters) - A Mexican government labor board declared a four-day-old strike by workers at a local Volkswagen AG (VOWG.F) ``without legal grounds,'' ordering the workers back to work by Wednesday evening, the German auto giant said.

Volkswagen spokesman Thomas Karig told Reuters in a telephone interview that workers at the plant -- the world's only producer of the New Beetle model -- were notified of the board's decision before midnight on Tuesday.

The move means that workers must return to work by 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday (0430 GMT Thursday), or they will face the loss of their jobs under Mexican law, Karig said in the interview conducted late Tuesday night.

Miguel Angel Galan, a spokesman for the union representing the plant's workers, told Reuters early on Wednesday that the workers had indeed been notified of the order.

Workers at the plant in Puebla, some 60 miles (100 km) east of Mexico City, walked out on Friday after 10 days of salary talks ended in a stalemate. The factory is also Volkswagen's only remaining plant to produce the New Beetle's predecessor, the VW Bug.

Volkswagen, Mexico's biggest car exporter and producer, had offered the 12,600 workers a 12-percent wage hike. The union, however, has demanded wages that reward productivity.

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