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Wed Aug 23 14:59:39 PDT 2000

On Wed, 23 Aug 2000, Rob Schaap wrote:

> Shameless Generalisation Alert: And I don't reckon Ozzies
> were ever very modest - it's just that, by and large. they
> didn't share other people's criteria of worthiness.
> They're (comparatively and typically) humble about their
> intellect, their 'high' culture, their physical appearance,
> and in their style of argument.

Speaking of medals and 'high' culture, I heard on NPR yesterday that some Greeks have their knickers all in a twist because the Aussies put what looks to be the Coliseum on the Olympic medals, not whatever Greek sports arena they apparently thought they were putting on it. I heard some Greek say: "What next, a puppet show put forward as classical Greek tragedy?".

Had a good chuckle, I did.

P.S. My spelling checker offered up 'Pussies' for Aussies. . .


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