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Wed Aug 23 16:28:33 PDT 2000

At 02:01 PM 8/23/00 -0700, John Gulick wrote:
>Jonathon Louth posted the following article on "straight edge":
>clip, clip, clip ...
> >"People aren't paying attention to what is happening in the
> >world," Fukunaga says, then adds: "Staying clean, you can be a more
> functional
> >member of society"

snipped interesting commentary from john g. too pessimistic for me, but....

check out the more militant earth crisis, associated with Animal Liberation Front. their sXe lyrics valorize the earth/animals/nature as innocent being and humans as defilers. some of the local militant sXe's would, similarly, defend bombing local hotdog plants and jeopardizing people's lives because they argued that the earth was first and more important than people. you know the rave.

used to have my students read the lyrics. right after a discussion of the campus anti abortionists rallied aroudn justifying murdering abortionists and the death penalty with their spiel about the "innocence" of unborn human life.


but then, john, i do detect a similar yearning for some golden age of protest and politics on your part, yes?


ps/. cat, i'll forward to soc list if you'd like. i know people have been doing research in this areas so might have clues as to where to look.

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