Valley Girl Sez: Liberarianism Sux!

Chuck Grimes cgrimes at
Wed Aug 23 18:57:58 PDT 2000

libertarians have widely criticized the book, but its central premise, that code is law, was what i was referring to in reaction to your comment...



I ended up buying both Lessig and Michael Perelman's book and am about sixity pages into the latter. I think Mike's book is probably better, or rather more suited to what I am looking for: Class Warfare in the Information Age.

So far the basic idea of the book is that information on production or something I call skill and knowledge, has always been the commodity that capital wants from labor so as to transform that information into production systems and products, or essentially steal it from the labor force. The advent of the computer and internet has essentially accelerated and extended this process, while reducing and depreciating the class that provides it. So, not only libertarians, but main stream political and economic communties would probably violently criticize the book if they read it at all.

Chuck Grimes

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