Verizon: union win

Chuck0 chuck at
Wed Aug 23 19:28:29 PDT 2000

> (Which is not to say in any way that I am a big fan of the IWW as currently
> constituted, which is basically a nostalgic cloak for "lifestyle
> to wrap themselves in and pretend they are engaging in the pivotal class
> struggles of our time. Anarcho-syndicalism faded when tightknit working
> class labor and community cultures died, a condition which cannot be
> artificially revived from the detritus of post-modern capitalism. Still,
> anarcho-syndicalist principles -- its "spirit," if you will -- can be
> imported into the pivotal class struggles of our time. "Critical
> appropriation" and all that. Anyway, I digress).

I'm curious. Since you've taken the time to diss my union, could you please explain what you mean by "lifestyle anarchism?"

I think many Wobblies would find that accusation puzzling. I find it puzzling because there is no such creature.

By the way, the IWW is a non-political union. It has plenty of anarchists in it, but it also has socialists, communists, progressives, Nader supporters, and probably a few liberals.

For the record, I am not an anarcho-syndicalist.


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