Valley Girl Sez: Libertarianism Sux!

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Thu Aug 24 02:21:23 PDT 2000

I was always under the impression that these tech-people are "libertarian" because they are in the highest tax bracket and want to pay less taxes. They also aren't sympathetic to gun control or poor people, because, in all likelihood, they've played with guns and never been poor. They're also hard-working, and can't somehow rationally support someone who might not want to work so hard and still make a decent living and get social services.

Their open-source impulses, however, are mostly "communitarian" or communist (in the vulgar way I understand that word). I'm sure they would not appreciate the association, because the communists have been the big losers in the global trade wars.

Their "libertarian" talk is just a way to shroud some very natural anti-property impulses in greed-compatible speech. Don't talk about "property" so much as "government". (But really, what's the difference...)

Also, we should distinguish between the fans of the software and the people who actually create it. I suspect that the programmers are more "left" than the users.

>on 8/23/00 2:08 PM, Matt Cramer at cramer at wrote:
>> the Microsoft Outlook you are using
>Isn't using Pine the cyber-lib version of wearing a hair shirt?
>> Richard M. Stallman and other GNU ( folks, believe that
>> this kind of software provides the best avenue for using
technology to protect
>> personal liberty
>But he's no Techno-Libertarian:
>Richard Stallman: Well, I guess I am a sort of combination between a liberal
>and a leftist anarchist. I like to see people working together, voluntarily,
>to solve the world's problems. But, if we can't do that, I think we should
>get the government involved to solve them.


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